Beating the cyberbullies

In the latest issue of Education Technology, Rebecca Paddick explains how we can keep kids safe from cyber bullying

Welcome to the June/July issue of Education Technology magazine.

A few weeks ago, I went along to RM Education’s annual conference, ‘Rethinking Education and Learning’ technology summit. The event aims to bring together education professionals from across the country to share experiences and discuss the future of education, and this year it revealed some interesting new themes and trends in education technology. See page 38 for the seven latest trends in edtech

Also at the event, I had the pleasure of listening to Alex Holmes, Head of Anti-Bullying at The Princess Diana Trust. He illustrated how a growing number of schools are using video to deliver online safety policies and workshops. He also stressed that cyberbullying in schools should be treated like any other style of bullying. Whether the victim is sat in front of their computer, or they’re stood in the school playground, the affects of being bullied are just as harmful. 


This really struck a chord with me. It highlighted the fact that there could be a cyber bully on every social media site, on every child’s smart phone or tablet. It’s a scary thought. In this issue of ET, our roundtable discuss and examine the impact cyberbullying can have on children in primary and secondary schools (p.29). Our expert contributors also provide plenty of tips and advice on how to spot a victim of cyberbullying, and also what you can do to help.

For our HE readers, we’ve focused on BYOD. You’re probably very familiar with the bring your own device concept, but as it’s now a world-wide teaching tool, are you, and your students getting the most out of it? Read our feature on page 49, to find out.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and I’ll be back with more edtech news in August. Until then, make sure you have a good look through our latest issue, and as always, we’ll bring you the latest news, views and event info at

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