Behind the brand: Casio Projectors

Casio’s Phil Clarke explains all about the company’s hybrid projectors and how they are transforming the education sector

As Head of the Projector Division for Casio UK, Phil Clark can quite often be found on the road as he tours the country to spread the word about Laser & LED hybrid projectors. Phil arrives with his bag of tricks and just needs to be pointed in the direction of a blank wall then, in a splash of colour, the whole range is brought to life and another eco warrior is born.

Q  What is lamp-free technology?

PC: We are proud to be the pioneers of lamp-free technology with our whole range based on this platform. Lamp-free is where the lamp has been removed and replaced with a Laser & LED Hybrid light source technology as the operating platform. This method of image generation replaces one of the most unreliable light sources on the planet (UHP mercury lamps), with two of the most stable (Laser and LED). 

Q  Why does it exist, and what are the benefits?

PC: In a nutshell, the major benefits are significantly reduced power consumption, as this method of image generation is much more eco friendly and dramatically reduces maintenance. With no lamps or filters to change images remain bright and vivid for the whole projector lifetime, with very little drop off in brightness. This means that presenters don’t need to pull the blinds, ideal as summer is just around the corner! 

Q  How does the cost compare to other projectors? 

PC: Lamp-free projection comes with industry-leading total cost of ownership due to the sustainable light sources creating the image but also thanks to operational perks. All our projectors turn on and off in less than eight seconds without a warming-up or cooling-down period, saving valuable lesson time. They can also be placed on a timer, which traditional projectors can’t, again saving time and further savings on both electricity and operational life, simplifying the day-to-day use. 

Q  How do your projectors work with BYOD schemes?

PC: Our projectors can be controlled remotely via a wireless connection, ideal for switching them on and off from one central point, but also for using PC Remote Control to link to other devices and display that content. This gives teachers the option of walking around the room, screen mirroring any device and giving control to students. This enables them to share their work with the whole class and is great for presentations with an extremely quick set up time.

Q  Are lamp-free projectors more environmentally friendly? How is this?

PC: They are very environmentally friendly saving up to 35% in power consumption compared to lamp-based projectors. Over the 20,000 hour lifetime, that can be a massive saving. With no parts to monitor or replace you can also really accurately predict your costs for the projector lifetime. We have just launched a new model called the Core which is purposely priced in a way that makes it accessible to everyone so that the savings created from this great technology can be appreciated by all.

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