BESA announces partnership with EdTech Exchange

EdTech Exchange began as an informal supper club over three years ago and is now one of the most influential EdTech groups in the UK

BESA’s new partners EdTech Exchange – co-founded by entrepreneurs George Burgess and Justin Smith – reaches 3,000 people a year across 40 different events. It also advises government, supports international trade missions and claims to “partner with every major UK EdTech group and show”.

Caroline Wright, Director General of BESA, who is joining the EdTech Exchange board, said: “Not only is the UK’s EdTech sector world-leading in terms of its products and services, it is also unparalleled in terms of its level of collaboration to develop initiatives that have a transformative nature in classrooms across the globe.’ 

BESA will take on the operational running of EdTech Exchange, overseen by Director Patrick Hayes, who said: ‘With EdTech Exchange, George Burgess has created something incredibly special. Over the coming months, our team are looking forward to working with him to scale the number of EdTech Exchange events and opportunities for founders to meet and share ideas in venues around the world.”

George Burgess, who will remain on the board as Chairman, said: “EdTech Exchange’s mission is to support, represent and connect the EdTech community and combining our efforts with BESA will enable us to do this even more effectively at scale.’