Better broadband brings bigger opportunities

What is your internet service provider doing to help you achieve your educational goals?

In today’s school the internet is being used more than ever for teaching and learning. It has unlocked countless possibilities, allowing learning to be more interactive, and the whole school community to be more connected. It has had a profound impact on education and its relevance in the classroom is only going to increase.   

For your school community to really benefit from this digital environment, you need a connectivity service you can rely on – a connection that is able to support the heavier use of applications, cloud services, as well as online video and audio that today’s classroom expects.

Is your internet provision able to meet your needs? What effect would a more reliable service have on your pupil’s and their results? Are your teachers able to use the technology in the classroom that they’d like?

With the Internet now playing such a vital role in every child’s education it is essential that your Internet Service Provider is able to keep up with your demands.

Don’t just put up with a poor service, there is another way. RM Broadband is the UK’s leading educational ISP, we’ve been working with schools for over 20 years.  With this experience we know and understand what matters most when it comes to schools and their internet service.

Better broadband brings bigger opportunities. Call RM Education and speak to an Internet and e-safety specialist today on 08000 469 802 or visit