Blipping lessons to life

Blippar, an interactive guide on how to bring your lessons to life through digital curiosity

Blippar is the world’s leading visual browser, using augmented reality (AR) and image-recognition technologies to bring the physical world to digital life on smartphones, tablets and wearables. This new consumer behaviour is called blipping, and there are millions people around the globe from India to Australia incorporating this technology into their daily lives.

Since 2011, Blippar has partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands and media organisations, bringing products and publications to life with interactive digital content which people unlock using the free Blippar app.

AR is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image with digital content on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. With Blippar, learners use our app on their tablet or smartphone to recognise images that are blippable and to return trigger an augmented experience, response. This response could be anything from opening a 3D image to a video or to an interactive game.

Blippar’s education initiative is a key focus for 2015 as the company continues to build an immersive learning experience, which will ultimately create a new behaviour in education. The key to immersive learning is leveraging the advantage of both physical and digital content, and the engagement and interactivity that brings to the classroom. By using rich media and creative tools through integrating AR and visual search technology into the existing curriculum, materials such as textbooks become digitally interactive and the classroom itself can transform into a dynamic, engaging, interactive learning environment.

Blippar has a huge role to play in educational technology. Both teachers and students can benefit through using three products tailored towards the needs of educators: Educator Blippbuilder, the Educator Dashboard and the global Educator Community.

To fulfil this ambition, Blippar has, since January 2015, been building a framework to generate insights and transform that into output which will help mould the educational tools. They have engaged in regular feedback sessions with educator users, who are already crafting engaging augmented reality content. It is this collaborative spirit that will allow the world’s educators to be further equipped with the tools they need to truly enrich learning environments through immersive and engaging experiences.

Empowering the educator

Educators can design their own exciting, interactive learning experiences quickly and simply using Blippar’s new self-publishing tool, Blippbuilder. The web-based drag-and-drop service enables educators to turn all their physical output – from textbooks and billboards to packaging and merchandising – instantly interactive. 

Monitoring students individual growth

Educators can use the dedicated Dashboard to monitor, analyse and nurture each student’s individual growth as well as a student’s behaviour allowing users to ascertain whether course material has been effective.

Collaborate and share with your network

The creation of an educator network allows for teachers, students and publishers to share thoughts and ideas, feedbacks on blips, create discussion groups, connect with the education network, video and personal tutorials and peer-to-peer support.