Blockchain competition open to UK universities

The competition is open to staff and researchers at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, UCL, and KCL

A competition to develop blockchain applications, Future of Blockchain (FoB), is now open to staff and researchers at six of the UK’s top universities.

The competition is open to budding blockchain developers and students with interdisciplinary backgrounds to explore the far-reaching applications of blockchain technology.

Kai Han, president of Oxford Blockchain Society, said: “Education initiatives such as the Future of Blockchain allow students to experiment with the tangible, and the opportunity to build something of practical value while exercising our creative license is an exciting proposition for us. Without existing blueprints in place, students are empowered to create entirely new blockchain-based solutions, guided by their own foresight and business acumen.

A rare opportunity for participants to contribute to wider industry conversations and receive mentorship from some of the industry’s most prominent projects, FoB will be the testing ground for students to build up ideas, applications, and solutions from the ground, which may ultimately end up shaping the ideas of tomorrow.”

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Participants can either build their own project, or respond to pre-set challenges from one of the eight challenge partners. Challenges include the areas of payments, gaming, e-commerce, streaming, and prediction markets.

Shortlisted finalists will have the chance to pitch their projects to a panel of venture capitalist firms for funding.

The final will take place on 19 March at Bush House, Kings College London.

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Article updated 11/03/19

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