Blogging is top career choice for young people

UK money-saving website finds blogging is popular career choice, with three-quarters of young people already trying it out

According to the results of a new study in the UK, the average young Briton believes blogging to be the top career choice in the UK, with respondents stating that they believe blogging could make them an average of £8,500 a month.  

The team at conducted the poll as part of ongoing research into young people’s views on employment and job roles. A total of 2,348 British people were polled as part of the research, all aged between 18 and 25.  

Initially, respondents were presented with a list of possible job roles and were asked to disclose what they considered the top job to have. Researchers compiled the results to reveal the top five job roles, according to young people:

  • Blogging – 24%
  • Sportsman/Sportswoman – 18%
  • Doctor – 14%
  • Politician – 9%
  • Musician – 7% 

Following on from this, respondents who stated that they thought blogging was the top career in the UK were asked to disclose why they thought this. Respondents were given a list of possible answers and were asked to select all that applied to them. Results were as follows:  

  • Bloggers don’t have to do much work – 26%
  • Bloggers get paid good money – 22%
  • Bloggers are admired by others – 19%
  • Blogging is easy – 16%
  • Bloggers get sent free products and invites to prestigious events – 11% 

Next, the same group of respondents were asked to disclose how much they thought they could make per month from blogging. Researchers compiled the results to reveal the average monthly wage young Britons think they can make from blogging as £8,500. A majority of respondents (72%) revealed that they had already tried blogging themselves. 

George Charles of, said: 

“These results are really interesting as they show a shift in mentality in the youths of Britain. The fact that blogging is now seen as the top career choice shows the domination of life online to young people. Traditionally medical, office or banking jobs were seen as great jobs to have, but now blogging has taken over.”  

“Young Britons see the likes of Zoella and co making good money from their videos and think ‘I could do that’, but it is a lot harder than you think. These Youtubers work hard to produce incredible videos and have built up a fan base over many years. Blogging success doesn’t come instantly, unfortunately.”