Book characters featured in phonics and vocabulary apps

Skoodal apps include characters Biff, Chip and Kipper from the popular Oxford University Press book series

A suite of apps to make learning phonics and vocabulary fun and engaging for children, and provide an effective aid for parents in supporting learning, has been launched by Therapy Box – a creator of innovative apps across education and healthcare. The Skoodal apps feature the popular characters Biff, Chip and Kipper, from the Oxford University Press reading books used in around 80% of primary schools.

Skoodal offers eight apps in the range including Phonics Spelling Dictionary, which orders words by sound; vocabulary app Fun with Words, featuring a variety of engaging word games, and My Phonics Flashcards, allowing children to practise letters and sounds as they do in school. There is also My Phonics Kit, which has been developed to support parents in preparing their children for the Phonics Screening Check conducted nationally in schools.  

The apps have been developed using the firm’s founding experience in language, speech therapy and technology expertise, as Therapy Box is an award-winning developer.

Co-founder Rebecca Bright MBE, said: “Supporting children in their school learning can be challenging for parents who are often unsure of the ‘right’ way to teach their child to avoid confusion or clash with school methods. Additionally, with the Phonics Screening Check having come into force in 2012, parents want to ensure their child can achieve the best possible result, which the apps support. 

“We have incorporated a variety of methods in each app in the Skoodal suite to develop memory and concentration skills, help kids recognise individual letters and sounds, and practise reading useful words. There is also an incentive feature, allowing kids to collect stickers to really motivate them to learn. Kids these days engage with devices as enthusiastically and frequently as adults do, and we believe bringing education to them in a fun way with characters they recognise can be more successful in engaging them in learning,” Rebecca added.

This is the first venture of its kind by Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford whose diverse publishing programme sees it publishing in 40 languages across multiple countries for a wide audience range. 

Click here for further information about Skoodal. The apps can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices.