Bots, beer and biofuel

Robot expert visits Farlington School for talk on robots’ role in science

Accomplished analytical chemist and robot expert, Steve Elliott, recently visited Farlington School as part of their annual Vive Lecture series.

The lecture focused on how robots are used in Science and gave an insight into some of the projects that Steve has worked on. 

Steve showed how a large piece of the Titanic had not eroded due to the microorganisms that were surviving and reproducing in a very hostile environment on the seabed. The students were also given an understanding of how biofuels – and even beer – could be important in modern day science and in the future.

Students discussed the potential of robots to collect data with precision and volume, as well as whether we could have robots that could make decisions! The lecture ended with the girls using a small robot and micropipettes to transfer small volumes of liquid.

Jean Salt, Farlington’s Head of Learning Support and Challenge, said: “It was an extremely fascinating and informative session. The girls especially enjoyed the interactive part of the lecture. Though aimed at Farlington scholars, we are always keen to welcome interested students from other schools to our Vive Lectures.”

The Vive Lectures are part of Farlington’s Scholarship Enrichment Programme. Interesting and engaging speakers help students widen their learning within and beyond the curriculum.