Braindates are coming to WISE 2017

The event app will offer new opportunities for connection, peer-learning and collaboration at the World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha, Qatar

From November 14th – 16th, e180 will bring their leading event technology, Braindate, to the WISE 2017 summit “Co-exist, Co-create: Learning to Live and Work Together.” Braindate is a web-based knowledge sharing platform that allows event participants to book 30-minute one-on-one or group conversations with one another at events. At the WISE summit, forging connections between participants looking to advance education will be fundamental to growing the movement and spurring greater innovation.

Christine Renaud, CEO at e180, says, “We’ve been following the ground-breaking work of WISE for the past 4 years. Our goal at e180 being to contribute in reinventing the way humans learn, this collaboration was an obvious dream for us. We’re always looking for partners with a mission we’re excited to be propelling: needless to say, we’ll give all we have to foster knowledge-sharing among the world’s most innovative educators, who have the power to transform education as we’ve known it for decades.”

Every participant has valuable knowledge that deserves to be uncovered, shared and tapped into. Braindate enables each person to publicly post their knowledge in the form of 30-minute conversation topics to a ‘market’. Some examples of topics include, The potential effects of AI on human behaviourNew media outlets in an era of fake news, and Alternative education frameworks for kids. People simply browse that market and book meetings with the people whose brains they want to pick. The braindates all happen onsite at the Braindate Lounge where e180’s Learning Concierges facilitate introductions and set the tone for open and meaningful conversations.

Notably, Braindate uses a recommendation engine (named Freia) to pull from each person’s behaviour and interests to highlight an individualized selection of topics. Each participant can then curate their own learning experience more easily, based on what they can learn from the collective genius around them.

“Braindating changed the whole experience.” Says WeStart founder Niv Horovitz. “What is the purpose to come here but to meet people you can learn something with? When you sit and listen to a talk you get an insight or two, but it’s usually not focused on what you are specifically interested in. This is a way to really upgrade our activities. It creates intimacy in a second.”

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