Brainstorm Multimedia launch Smart Set at BETT 2016

Brainstorm’s experience at BETT 2016 was overwhelmingly positive as the company took its first steps in the education market

Brainstorm’s experience at BETT 2016 has been overwhelmingly positive. Our company has but begun to take its first steps in the education market. We were pleasantly surprised when big crowds of people stopped by our booth to see what our new virtual set system, SmartSet, can do. Our Social Media campaign was a huge success and we received plenty of attention from many media sources. Moreover, we were able to meet with many key players in the education sector, such as Pearson and Promethean, as well as big companies such as Intel and Microsoft.

SmartSet Education is a new and easy-to-use application that enhances and transforms the learning process. It is a highly innovative and technologically advanced system which allows teachers and students to interact with real-time 3D graphics within a virtual environment. In doing so, it enhances the impact and effectiveness of educational tools through the adoption of the latest technologies used in television. This is Brainstorm’s answer for all those in the academic world who want to improve their teaching methods and capabilities to provide a more dynamic, interesting and engaging learning experience for their students.

About Brainstorm Multimedia: established in 1993, Brainstorm Multimedia provides industry-leading virtual sets and real-time 3D interactive graphics solutions for all broadcast graphics types and workflows as well as for feature film production and 3D real-time presentations. Brainstorm’s customer list includes many of the world’s leading broadcasters plus a large number of small and regional stations. For more information visit