British Red Cross launches first aid teaching resource

British Red Cross launches first aid education resource for teachers with young people aged 11-19 years old

The online teaching resource includes videos, photos, quizzes, role plays and activities to help young people learn how they can help someone in a first aid emergency. The charity has made the resource available at no cost to help as many young people as possible learn first aid skills.

The materials are interactive, engaging and designed for educators to pick and choose from a range of activities and information they think will best suit the young people they are working with. 

Joe Mulligan, head of first aid education said: “You don’t need any prior first aid knowledge to use this resource. All the materials are designed to support educators and bring the subject to life for young people. The feedback we have from students that they want to know what to do in an emergency and find learning first aid interesting and inspiring. Ultimately, first aid is an essential life skill that every young person should learn.”

Research by the charity shows the majority of teachers and young people want first aid education in schools – 83% of teachers are in favour and over 90% of students would like to learn first aid.

The online resource covers sixteen different first aid skills, from bleeding to burns to what to do if someone is unconscious and breathing. There is an educators’ zone where educators can access all the resources and track their group’s progress through interactive online quizzes.

To access the British Red Cross free first aid training resource go to:

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