Bromley College first FE facility to opt for Mesma

Bromley College improves the planning of resources and the delivery of strategic development plans using Mesma software

A London college is the first in the FE sector to benefit from online technology that helps to improve the planning of resources and the delivery of strategic development plans.

South-east London’s Bromley College of Further Education, which offers courses to degree level and professional qualifications across two campuses, is using Mesma’s expertise after awarding the Gateshead-based firm a contract for its ‘intelligent’ software, which includes an improvement plan feature.

The move follows a pilot by the college that saw Mesma software used to improve the availability of new online resources campus-wide, which is assisting the delivery of learning provision to more than 10,000 students.

It is also being used as a management tool providing enhanced improvement planning, bringing more transparency and efficiencies to a time intensive process.

This is helping the college to be better prepared for inspections by Ofsted, while the senior management team benefits from real-time access to critical information about performance criteria, the progress of key performance indicators and the strategic plan.

Director of teaching John Nunn and his team had looked at ways they could continue to improve and further help staff manage their plans. He said: “Mesma is proving itself to be a valuable management aid which gives us the information we need in one place – vital for an organisation like ours.

“We can adapt and tailor it to ensure it meets the regulatory requirements the College operates within as well as using it for our general management needs.”

Using the Mesma online tool can be a valuable aid for an education provider who can better manage improvement plans while easy-to-use features incorporated within the Mesma software can be linked to self-assessment reports for improved overall system control and monitoring. 

A key feature is the software’s ability to deal effectively with the intricacies of factors such as ICT and administration, enabling personalised accounts to be set up quickly and easily and authorised staff notified automatically about assigned actions and tasks which need to be undertaken. 

Ofsted reports, policy documents, quality assurance processes and guidelines and other important documentation can all be stored on line in one place within Mesma for quick and convenient access and reference from any location. The system can also monitor activities allocated to other staff to track progress and completion.

The versatility and ease-of-use that lies at the heart of Mesma’s multi-function capabilities, offers users a highly engaging and intuitive tool for up-loading evidence to confirm curriculum delivery and progress.



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