Cardiff University announces winner of £15m IT contract

The ten-year partnership will see Circle IT create one of Europe’s largest wifi networks

Cardiff University has announced the winner of a £15m contract to overhaul its IT infrastructure and create one of Europe’s largest wifi networks.

Circle IT, an IT solutions and managed services provider, will also be responsible for support services for the next 10 years, including patch management, software updates and environment monitoring outside of working hours.

It is anticipated that the new partnership will also create several new jobs, as well as offering learning and development opportunities to students via industry placements.

“As a leading global research university, it is vital that our network infrastructure enables this research and does not restrict or limit our ambitions,” said the university’s director of IT, David Edwards.

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“The new network will not only enable our first class learning and teaching, but will be crucial in an excellent experience for the student, whether the student is on campus or in a hall of residence,” he added.

The new network will encompass some 11,000 wireless access points, support the university’s technological growth, and accommodate new and existing technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things.

Old network equipment is set to be donated to local charities and schools.