CAS scoops education award

Computing At School (CAS) has won the 2014 Informatics Europe Best Practices in Education Award

The award is a prestigious recognition of a world-class initiative in computing education and is presented by Informatics Europe, the association of computer science departments and research laboratories in Europe.

Simon Humphreys, National Coordinator, CAS, who was presented with the award at the 10th European Computer Science Summit, in Wroclaw, Poland said: “It is fantastic to have our work as a community of teachers and professionals recognised in this way. Computing affects almost everything we do and it is important that children learn about the fundamentals of computer science from an early age.

“It is therefore vital that we support teachers delivering the new computing curriculum by helping them gain the skills and knowledge they need to inspire future generations – and ensure they have an excellent computing education.”

The Award recognises a successful teaching effort in Europe that has made a measurable difference in informatics education in schools.

Carlo Ghezzi, President of Informatics Europe added: “The emphasis that the new English National Curriculum places on teaching computer science as a foundational discipline (like maths or science) rather than a vocationally-oriented technology subject is in full agreement with Informatics Europe’s mission, and in particular with our report ‘Informatics Education: Europe cannot afford to miss the boat,’ and our Committee on European Computing Education.

“We know that CAS’s achievements have only been possible through its partnership with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, together with support from the Department for Education, and we praise the contribution that the organisation has made to the reform of the computing curriculum. â€¨ â€¨ 

“The UK is now, in effect, establishing computing as a brand-new school subject, from primary school onwards.  Doing so requires a major, sustained programme of teacher training, and our award is partly based on CAS’s leadership in doing so.  The rest of Europe is watching with great interest what the UK has done, and looks forward to observing further progress.”

Picture, from left to right: Carlo Ghezzi (Informatics Europe President), Gérard Berry (Chair Award Committee), Simon Humphreys (CAS National Coordinator), Judith Bishop (Microsoft Director of Computer Science), Mark Dorling (CAS National CPD Coordinator)

Picture credit: Marek Materzok