Challenges and Solutions in Automated STEM Assessment

This Whitepaper explains how Maple T.A enables STEM educators to fully leverage automated assessment in meaningful ways

Online testing and assessment has opened up great opportunities for the modern educator. Good automated assessment tools can help consolidate student understanding, support self-directed learning, give instructors more time to focus on other teaching tasks, make it easier to manage growing class sizes, and much more.

While these systems are of tremendous use in some subjects, initially their benefits were not readily available in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses, because the assessment systems could not meet the specialised needs of these subject areas. However, Maple T.A. can provide the benefits of automated assessment to STEM instructors and students.

Download this whitepaper to explore the features of Maple T.A. that are designed to meet the specialised needs of STEM courses.


The Role of Testing within Digital Transformations

Wednesday, January 26, 11AM (GMT)