Children’s online safety stories launched

Parent Zone and the Vodafone Foundation have released the story books to teach young children about digital safety

Two new children’s story books addressing the issues surrounding internet safety have been launched by Parent Zone and the Vodafone Foundation.

The books are part of Story Time, a free resource for Key Stage 1 and 2 children about the importance of online safety. The stories’ key aims include teaching digital resilience, helping children to recognise online risks, and understand how to seek help.

Sally the Smartphone’s Digital Disaster and Tommy the Tablet’s Birthday Blunder are aimed at children 4–7 and 7–11 respectively, and address topics such as looking after a digital device, not overdoing screen time, and internet security essentials such as how to set secure passwords and not oversharing.

The stories are designed so that children will understand the consequences of being reckless with tech and learn how they can improve their habits. Characters are relatable so that children might recognise situations from the stories in their own lives and learn how to best handle those situations in the future.

Teachers, parents, and carers are encouraged to read the stories to children at school or at home.

The stories can be downloaded for free from the Parent Zone website here.

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