Clickable Math: Easy to Do, Easy to Learn, Easy to Teach

This new whitepaper to shows how Maplesofts Clickable Math technique creates an efficient way of working through STEM problems

Educational tools must have the capabilities to offer quick and easy access in conjunction with powerful technology and user-friendly features. This is especially true when it comes to STEM education. Such tools offer instructors the ability to better engage their students and foster a deeper understanding of key concepts and course materials. 

Maplesoft offers learning solutions built around their signature Clickable Math concept, which includes numerous features that allow students to complete problems with tools designed specifically for STEM courses.

Download this whitepaper to discover unique testing and assessment features which allow instructors to create lessons and engage students with videos, graphs, plots and other interactive elements. 


The Role of Testing within Digital Transformations

Wednesday, January 26, 11AM (GMT)