Code Club celebrates Ada Lovelace Day

Code Club have created fun and engaging resources for schools to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day 2015

Tuesday the 13th October is Ada Lovelace Day – an annual celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Code Club, a non­profit which builds a community of volunteers who share their passion for digital making with children and teachers across the UK, has worked with their Strategic Partners at ARM to create an Ada­themed school assembly plan and coding project for teachers to use. 

Code Club’s assembly plan asks children to think about the role of technology in their lives and informs them about the story of Ada Lovelace, revealing that the roots of the computer revolution didn’t stem from men sitting in basements drinking coffee, but from a mother­of­three who lived over 160 years ago. 

The aim is for children to reflect on the significance of computer science, to understand the achievements of Ada Lovelace, as well as inspiring them with modern examples of prominent women in technology.

You can download the assembly plan and introduction notes via the Code Club website:

Inspired by Ada’s “poetical science” approach to her study of mathematics, Code Club’s coding project uses the block­based coding language Scratch to create a poetry generating machine. 

The project, “Ada’s Poetry Generator”, includes step­by­step instructions for creating a basic poetry generator, as well as challenges to consolidate learning and encourage exploration and creativity. It can be used in computing classes, and focusses on developing core skills such as planning, problem solving and collaboration, as well as introduces a number of computer programming concepts.

The project is a useful resource for English teachers too, as the poetry generator introduces verbs, adverbs, nouns and adjectives, giving examples of each and using them in a constructed sentence. It could also be a great feature for a literacy display for the classroom.

You can access “Ada’s Poetry Generator” on the Code Club website:­GB/scratch/poetry­generator/