College implements Texthelp’s Read&Write

Richard Huish College implements Texthelp’s Read&Write software to enhance students’ learning and attainment

At a glance

What they wanted to do

● Deliver high-quality education to more than 2,000 students a year
● Designated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted
● Promote equality of opportunity for all 

What they did

● Purchased a Read&Write site licence for the College
● Learning Support assistants received training on the software
● Set up all College computers so that Read&Write could be used by everyone at any time

What they accomplished

● Added value for students at the College
● Used Read&Write for students entitled to a reader in exams


Richard Huish College delivers high-quality education to more than two thousand students a year. Based in Taunton, Somerset, it is a Beacon College designated “outstanding” by Ofsted. They seek to provide an environment in which young people can make an effective transition from school to university or employment.

The College promotes equality of opportunity for all students in terms of both access to and content of the teaching curriculum, enrichment opportunities and support services. They have recently implemented Read&Write software throughout the College to support their students’ learning.

Challenge & Solution

Gemma Russell, Additional Needs Co-ordinator, explains “We are always looking to add value for our students at the College, whether that is through the quality of our teaching, the study environment that we have nurtured, our student support services or the wealth of enrichment opportunities at their disposal.

We purchased Read&Write software from Texthelp to support all students with their reading, writing and research needs. The software is so versatile and caters for the needs of different students requiring extra support, who use it as a tool for their learning. It has been useful for those on BTEC courses for proofreading their work and reading through long passages of text.

We are also using Read&Write with our students who are entitled to a reader in exams. Many of them prefer the independence of being able to click to hear text read back to them as many times as they like, rather than being embarrassed by asking a human reader over and over again.” 


Read&Write is an easy-to-use flexible toolbar containing support features to make reading, writing and research easier. The software has been designed to address some of the issues that people with dyslexia face daily, namely reading difficulties, writing difficulties, problems with spelling and general literacy support. In college or university, Read&Write is used to produce accurate assignments, for study and research support and on-the-go independent learning.

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