College partners with industry to develop digital skills

Gateshead College in north-east England is working with digital production firm Proto to advance students’ digital skills

Gateshead College has partnered with local industry to help develop the digital skills of its students.

The college is working with digital production company Proto, a digital production company also based in Gateshead. The partnership aims to develop a new pipeline of digital skills, create commercial opportunities for local firms, drive forward investment and economic growth across key industry sectors in the area, and retain top digital talent.

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A new course is being rolled out as part of the partnership, which aims to prepare learners for a career specialising in the use of emerging technologies such as VR, AR, and AI. The course will take two years, and allow participants to test how these technologies can be applied in the commercial sector, not just in digital firms but in other sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, sports and performing arts.

All of our students will benefit from the partnership, not just those on the new course.
– Deni Chambers, Gateshead College

Deni Chambers, assistant principal at Gateshead College, said: “We’re working with industry to predict future trends and work out how technology can be applied in different commercial settings. That’s why our courses are always evolving and constantly being adapted to meet the changing needs of industry.

“All of our students will benefit from the partnership, not just those on the new course. Whether they are studying dance, sport, construction or healthcare and early years, we’ll be working with Proto to use digital technology in innovative ways and enhance their learning.”

Students and businesses will also be able to use Proto’s office space and a wide range of digital equipment, including a photogrammetry rig with 120 cameras that can capture 3D objects from every angle.

Chris Pape of Gateshead Council, which owns and manages Proto, said: “Together with Gateshead College, we share a common goal of wanting to develop digital capabilities within companies and encourage young entrepreneurs to start a business here. To do that we need a good infrastructure and people with the right skills, and that’s where the college comes in.”

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