Connecting authors with specialized translators and proofreaders globally

Connection platform seekNcheck connects content creators with the expertise they need to polish their work

seekNcheck is a platform that connects researchers, writers and other content producers with relevant translators and proofreaders for their specialized documents. These professionals, called Checkers on the platform, are experts in translation and proofreading with verified experience in various sectors and fields of activity.

Whether you work in the field of educational technology, artificial intelligence or literature, whether you are a fiction, technical or scientific book author, seekNcheck builds this online space where you can easily find an expert in your field to whom you can entrust your work.

Connecting you with the relevant Checkers

People looking for translation or proofreading services, Seekers, can get in touch with Checkers through different processes on seekNcheck’s platform.

First off, the platform uses machine learning algorithms to automatically suggest relevant Checkers profiles for your work. These algorithms analyze the content of your documents and look for Checkers profiles with the appropriate experience and expertise for these specific documents.

If you don’t want to go with the automatic suggestion feature, seekNcheck also allows to publish service requests and wait for proposals from interested Checkers.

Finally, the platform also offers the possibility to explore available Checkers profiles and select the one you would wish to submit your service requests to.

Simplicity, Quality and Guarantees

The platform’s creators designed the services requests and services management processes in a simple, clear and reliable way. For example, for each service request, prices are displayed upfront for each suggested Checker. Thus, you know the costs that will be charged by a Checker for a service before you submit your request. The prices of the services are themselves calculated based on a simple rate per word, defined in advance by the Checkers.

The platform uses machine learning algorithms to automatically suggest relevant Checkers profiles for your work.

Moreover, any dissatisfaction with the output of a service can be reported by a simple email to the team with the guarantee of a full refund and a free additional rectification service. To support such a guarantee, the seekNcheck team ensures that they can trust all Checkers registered on the platform by rigorously verifying their profile, experience, and expertise before they can offer their services to other members.

Committed to confidentiality

Another strong commitment of the platform concerns the protection of members’ data. To offer their services, Checkers must accept a confidentiality agreement with seekNcheck, Inc., owner of, regarding the documents submitted to them on the platform. In addition, a specific confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement covers each document as part of a contracted service. Any violation of these agreements directly involves the company in the resolution of the conflict.

seekNcheck also undertakes never to use its members’ documents to train the machine learning algorithms they use to analyze Seekers’ documents and suggest relevant Checkers’ profiles. These algorithms are trained and improved from large corpora of data provided under license by partners or free of rights.

A growing community

This young and growing community, whose self-assigned mission is to provide exposure to specialized translators and proofreaders around the world and choice to those seeking their skills, has already attracted users, Seekers, and Checkers, from 9 countries and experts in more than 25 language pairs, specialized in a dozen different fields.

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