Countless teaching benefits with Vision

Stockwood Park Academy sees improved student outcomes and better student-teacher relationships with Netop Vision Pro classroom management software

Netop Classroom Management Software offers countless teaching benefits and improved student outcomes. It can be a thankless task for today’s teacher to not only grab student’s attention but to capture their imagination and challenge their abilities. One would need the right tools to help create an environment that inspires the students, as well as the teachers themselves. This may sound like an unmanageable achievement, however, Netop’s innovative classroom management software Vision Pro, aims to do just that by:

  • Capturing students’ attention and maintaining focus;
  • Controlling potential distractions;
  • Supervising students’ activity;
  • Helping them individually as needed; and
  • Doing all of these things from a desk in the front of the room. 

At schools throughout the UK, educators are finding that teaching with technology is easier and more effective when they have the right classroom management tools. Take, for example, The Stockwood Park Academy in Luton, which serves students from Year 7 through to KS4 and sixth form. Offering a state-of-the-art building with cutting-edge facilities, Teachers and students there have used Netop’s Vision Pro classroom management software since 2012 in their various ICT rooms.

“Vision Pro is a very powerful behaviour management tool,” said Giselle Hobbs, who is the school’s Assistant Principal and in charge of KS3 achievement and new technologies. “It is a great product that provides real solutions to improve teaching when using technology.” 

Vision Pro lets teachers:

  • View a screenshot of each computer or tablet in the classroom from their own displays, so they can follow their students’ work in real time.
  • Communicate with their students screen-to-screen. They can chat, operate students’ computing devices for them or demonstrate directly on their screens, all from their own computers or tablets.
  • Turn Internet access on or off entirely, or just choose specific websites to block or allow.
  • Select the applications they want their students to use while blocking others.
  • Distribute files, collect assignments and launch websites for the whole class in a click, saving lost transition time, letting teachers accomplish more during each class period.
  • Post lesson content online and conduct web-based assessments supporting blended learning and flipped classrooms.

At Stockwood Park, the results have been evident. According to Ms Hobbs, the educational benefits Stockwood have experienced from using Vision Pro include:

  • Improved engagement within lessons;
  •  Improved student behaviour;
  •  Better understanding and progress on tasks during lessons;
  • A greater opportunity for questions, feedback and reflection during lessons; and
  • Stronger relationships between teachers and students through one-to-one connectivity.

Ms Hobbs also cites the use of demos and questioning that resulted in higher levels of teaching. She said the teachers’ favorite feature is the screen demonstrations because they keep all students focused and enable teachers to share student best practices with others. 

She noted that students “are still alarmed when someone takes control of their screens, but they enjoy the question pop-ups and benefit from the visual demonstrations during lessons.” 

Stockwood Park Academy chose Vision Pro in part because it was attractively priced than other alternatives. She’s been exceptionally pleased by Netop’s excellent customer support and service.

Effective teaching with technology

Netop is a worldwide leader in classroom management software. The company’s innovative line of classroom management products, including Vision Pro and Vision ME, support traditional information and communications technology labs as well as one-to-one computing, iPad classrooms, blended learning, flipped classrooms and more. Read more

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