Creating a distraction-free learning environment is now easier than ever before

Motivating students to participate in class can often feel like a challenge. Delivering insights that inspire them to excel in their studies isn’t easy either

Using crowdbeamer from RGB Communications, it doesn’t have to be like that. Crowdbeamer is a game-changing presentation system that helps you connect with your students in innovative and collaborative ways.

Connect to your students’ world

Let’s be honest: it can be hard for students to stay attentive in class. That’s why it’s so important to structure basic learning content into a compelling story and complete it with facts, images, videos or software demonstrations that connect to your students’ world. And as most of your students are probably glued to mobile technology, why not use their mobile devices in class as a direct connection to their world?

Crowdbeamer lets you do just that.

Using crowdbeamer, you no longer need a projector screen or large display, simply sit amidst the class, and experience how easy it is to interact and keep everybody engaged.

On top of the improved learning experience, money can be saved by not purchasing expensive projectors or projection screens.

Stream content straight to your student’s mobile devices

By using crowdbeamer in class, you can stream any content straight to your students’ mobile devices. All you need to do is connect your laptop to crowdbeamer, and start sharing. In case you want to share content from a tablet, a smartboard, a digital camera or a laboratory microscope, that’s possible as well. Any images, videos or software demonstrations from any device with an HDMI or VGA output will work with crowdbeamer.

How does it do that!?

Crowdbeamer has a built in secure private WiFi network, so even if there is no network or internet available, crowdbeamers WiFi extends its usability. HDMI or VGA signals from devices such as laptops or tablets can be fed into the crowdbeamer to provide content. All the students need to do is download the crowdbeamer app from Google Play, iTunes or crowdbeamer’s website.

Crowdbeamer is a game-changing presentation system that helps you connect with your students in innovative and collaborative ways.

Create a distraction-free learning environment

Using the crowdbeamer app on their mobile device, your students can view and zoom in on any content that you share, capture it, complete it with notes and store it on their device. They don’t need to scribble down all kinds of details during class. Instead, they can spend more time to think and only write down what is required to gain better insights.

The saved contents can then be shared or exported for further review.

Deliver new and more effective learning experiences

Thanks to crowdbeamer’s built-in WiFi and battery, teaching and learning can now happen anywhere. Using crowdbeamer, you can take your students close to the subject you want to teach them about. Connecting your tablet or digital camera to crowdbeamer, it’s easy to facilitate outdoor and location-based learning and deliver insights to your students precisely when and where they need it.

Just recently crowdbeamer won the prestigious AV Distribution Award, this award recognizes and rewards excellence across the AV industry and alongside this Tech & Learning listed crowdbeamer as the one of best Infocomm 2018 winners.

2019 will also herald enhancements to the crowdbeamer with voting and “ask the presenter” features being planned.

What do the teaching professionals think?

“Crowdbeamer is the perfect tool for my students to use during my classes. Students simply spend too much time writing. I’d rather have them do less of that, and think more about what I’m teaching. That’s precisely what crowdbeamer makes possible” – Prof. Dr.Rebekka Schmidt – Didactics Professor Paderborn University

“Crowdbeamer offers many benefits: it replaces paper presentation handouts (a significant ecological benefit) delivering live handouts right on your personal device, ready to be edited digitally in real time. The solution is flexible and can be used anywhere anytime, supporting, for example, outdoor biology lessons, hands-on technology classes or study trips” – Hans De Four – Projector Co-ordinator Flemish Ministry of Education.

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