Developing the Maple T.A. LTI Connector

Maplesoft and the University of Birmingham Work Together to Develop the Maple T.A. LTI Connector

‘Ultimately, our objective was to ensure the University’s educational reputation with undergraduate students was enhanced by the power and suitability of the software solutions used. This was the driving force behind the school adopting both Canvas and Maple T.A.’

Professor Nicola Wilkin, Director of Education for the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Birmingham.

The University of Birmingham wanted a way to integrate Maple T.A. with their existing Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, to streamline delivery of education and create one point of access for faculty and students. 

Jonathan Watkins, a PhD student at the university, developed a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) connector – the Maple T.A. LTI Connector – allowing the school to eliminate an intermediate server to provide a single, direct point of access. This also provided faculty with more flexibility in content development. 

The Maple T.A. LTI connector allowed the university to create content customised to meet its needs and provided greater confidence in the system they were using to deliver materials to students. The school is able to take advantage of both Maple T.A. and Canvas, while students are able to access everything from one environment.

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