DfE releases Educational Excellence Everywhere whitepaper

Nicky Morgan publishes whitepaper on government vision for next five years

Released yesterday while teachers across the country were hearing from the DfE at Education Show and following a controversial Budget, Nicky Morgan has outlined plans for schools during the rest of this Parliament.

In the foreword, Nicky Morgan says: ‘this white paper sets out plans for the next five years, building on and extending our reforms to achieve educational excellence everywhere. Where great schools, great leaders and great teachers exist, we will let them do what they do best – helping every child to achieve their full potential. Where they do not, we will step in to build capacity, raise standards and provide confidence for parents and children.’

The policy outlines proposals in seven key areas:

  • Teacher recruitment and training
  • Professional leadership qualifications
  • A ‘school led system’ with every school an academy
  • School improvement via ‘supported autonomy’
  • Curriculum stability and extension to the school day
  • New accountability measures for MATs
  • National funding formula and continuation of Pupil Premium

Read the white paper here and send your views to the editor at stephanie.broad@wildfirecomms.co.uk

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