Digital talent unveiled at Abertay

The next generation of digital talent is to be unveiled at Abertay Digital Graduate Show

Over 170 students will be putting work on show in Abertay University’s main Kydd Building and the Hannah Maclure Centre art gallery, on the top floor of the Student Centre.

Projects on show cover a huge range of media and subjects, including exploring the personal impact of Alzheimer’s disease, using game design to aid relaxation and meditation, and looking at the links between technology, social media and the traditions of religious imagery.

Clare Brennan, Abertay lecturer and curator of the Abertay Digital Graduate Show, said: “Each year we’re amazed and inspired by the originality and creativity of the work submitted for the Abertay Digital Graduate Show. 

“This year’s show is a must to explore in person, as many of the projects look at using technology to create very personal responses to social challenges like dementia or engaging young people with politics and social issues.

“We also have some particularly immersive experiences for visitors, such as an interactive sonic sculpture and another project which uses computer games technology, art and projections to create an environment conducive to a meditative experience.

“It’s fascinating to see how our students have developed very high quality skills in their particular subject areas, but also thought very deeply about how art, games and technology can be used for social benefits or to explore deeply personal experiences.”

The opening times of the Abertay Digital Graduate Show are: 

Friday 8 May, 4-8pm
Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 May, 12-4pm

Monday 11 May, 9am-12pm