Digital added to Liverpool’€™s services

The University of Liverpool has built a Digitisation Service as part of their ‘Resources for Courses’™ initiative to improve student experience

The new service, delivered by Talis Aspire Digitised Content, will help the university deliver a scalable digitisation service, in an efficient and compliant manner.

The ‘Resources for courses’ initiative helps students find resources at the point of need.

The Library has renewed its focus on the Digitisation Service team, who are responsible for creating all the digitisations in-house and service requests from

all their academics. The Digitised Content module automates the copyright checking process, reducing manual effort and ensuring compliance. The flexible content player ensures content can be delivered at point of need, and securely. 

“We have a partnership approach at the University of Liverpool. We try and work with the Guild of Students to shape these initiatives to ensure they meet students’ needs,” said Andrew Barker, Head of Academic Liaison, Special Collections and Archives at University of Liverpool.

“We already have over 1,800 active reading lists in Talis Aspire Reading Lists. We identified delivering a scalable digitisation service as a key area of improvement. Selecting Talis Aspire Digitised Content was a straightforward decision and a key component in our ability to deliver resources to students at the point of need.”

The Digitisation Service has currently been rolled out to a small group of academics, while they test the robustness of their processes. Following this, the service will be rolled out institution wide.