Don’™t flash the cash

A growing number of independent schools are realising the benefits that cashless payment systems offer

Whether it’s creating a more efficient business, giving parents peace of mind or providing an easy way for students to manage buying behaviour, Systopia offers bespoke and flexible cashless payment solutions to suit catering outlets at independent schools.

How does Systopia work?
Systopia is Europe’s leading provider of cashless payment systems. The company provides cashless solutions which combine robust and stylish point-of-sale hardware with multiple options for topping up and managing accounts. These include unique online webpage applications for topping up and managing your account, a mobile application to allow access from smartphones, interactive customer service points on site, cashless vending and a flexible, centralised reporting function.The system integrates with existing access control tokens, such as security and proximity cards, fobs, key rings and even wristbands.

Five key benefits
Systopia is helping a growing number of independent schools to benefit from the technology and it’s easy to see why: there are numerous advantages.

Queuing times are reduced
Systopia’s cashless payment systems allow students to pay by touching their pre-paid token against the cashless payment terminal. This cuts queuing time significantly as they don’t have to worry about counting money out and then waiting for the change. The potential for trouble caused by bored students may also be reduced, thanks to shortened queuing times.

Parents have peace of mind about their children’s spending
Via Systopia’s online account management system, parents can load funds onto their children’s tokens remotely using a debit or credit card. Parents can be confident that their children will be spending the money at school, rather than on unhealthy foods or ‘contraband’ goods off-site.

Integrating with access control tokens
Systopia’s solutions integrate smoothly with existing access control tokens, without the need to recall or distribute additional access tokens to students. The aim is to provide a one-stop token covering security access and payment for food, beverages and other items within the school environment. The tokens can also integrate car parking access, printing and photocopying usage.

Loyalty and reward programmes
Systopia provides rich functionality to choose from, including the use of loyalty and rewards for students. There are a variety of loyalty programmes available that can be integrated with as few or as many payment points as required, at the POS, vending machines and HORECA machines. Many clients select the loyalty module as part of their cashless system from Systopia and have found that these incentives provide measurable results in terms of footfall and profitability. Loyalty points and rewards can be targeted to particular food groups, allowing schools to encourage healthy eating and recycling amongst students by offering tangible incentives to pick the healthier options and by cutting down on disposables, thus reducing landfill waste. These rewards can be communicated to students through Systopia’s sophisticated hardware, using imagery at the point of sale to get your message across.

Cut down on wastage
Systopia’s extensive reporting and analysis software provides a school with the tools to see exactly what is being sold, when and to whom. Clients can select from a flexible list of reports and access all the key data to ensure catering is targeted to student demand, thereby cutting down on food waste as well as the cost and hassle associated with disposal and recycling.

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