‘Drones for humanity’ launch London Tech Week

Some of the world’s most advanced aerial robots from Imperial College London are to help launch London Tech Week today

Dr Mirko Kovac, Director of the Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial, is to showcase the College’s ultra-light bio-inspired drones that are putting London at the forefront of aerial robotics technology.  

Dr Kovac and part of his team – Alejandro Ortega Ancel, Adam Braithwaite, Talib Alhinai and Robert Siddall – will explain how their unique drones take inspiration from animals to operate effectively in urban areas and natural terrain where current robots are not able to operate.

Dr Mirko Kovac, Director of the Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial College London, said: “Drones get a bad press but they can improve our lives and be of immense benefit to society. That’s why I talk about ‘drones for humanity’. 

“Aerial robots can help us to monitor pollution, protect wildlife and assist in search and rescue operations. At Imperial we are working on autonomous construction and repair with swarms of aerial robots for future cities. 

“London is fast becoming one of the best places in the world for technologists. We have the finest universities, a thriving start-up scene and an exciting openness to new ideas. London Tech Week is a great way to mark the extraordinary growth of the capital’s tech scene.”

w: londontechnologyweek.co.uk/

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