EdTech 50 2019

ET is pleased to be an official media sector partner of the Edtech 50 Awards for 2019

Education Technology magazine is proud to announce its partnership with the EdTech 50 Awards, launched by Ty Goddard, one of the industries leaders in edtech.

Subscribers are invited to vote for their colleagues and contacts that they recognise are making waves in driving education technology in institutions.

What is the EdTech 50 Awards?

The EdTech 50 Awards celebrates the use of technology to improve education and learning in the UK education technology sector.

Every day, schools and businesses work hard to develop learning that leads in innovation and engagement. The EdTEch 50 Awards aims to recognise thought leaders and how they use technology in education, whether a supplier or creator of the technology itself, or a teacher that drives its usage and engages the children and students with their delivery.

The EdTech 50 Awards showcases best-in-class examples that others can learn from and follow in a bid to help advance education as a whole. There are 2 awards

  1. EdTech 50 Schools Award
  2. EdTech 50 People, Products & Projects Award

1. EdTech 50 People, Products & Projects

Who gets listed in the EdTech 50 People, Products & Projects Awards?

The Edtech 50 celebrates technology used to transform teaching and learning in UK schools, and recognises all those responsible for leading the way.

Whilst some teachers are making themselves more relatable to students by taking to vlogging, others are developing apps that students can use to enhance their wellbeing. Other educators are enhancing the classroom experience by having interactive lessons led through ipads.

The EdTech 50 Awards celebrates every teacher, educational project and technology being used to take the UK education sector into the future at rocket speed. Ty Goddard, co-founder and Director of EdTech UK, said: “The Edtech 50 is chosen from a mixture of public nominations and the insight of our judging panel. The awards help us celebrate a wonderful sector, whilst recognising the benefits of education technology, and acknowledging the economic advantages of the growing edtech sector to the whole UK economy.”

2019 awards opening soon

So many incredible and dedicated employees within education that deserve recognition are being found and recognised. You can put anyone you know forward and even yourself if you want to share your approach and help other schools to learn from your own techniques or set up.

Education Technology magazine is the official media sector partner of the award, and supporting it was an easy decision. edtech has come a long way in the UK and it’s important that the community keeps sharing what is working with each other, and develop appropriate training and knowledge share for some of the smaller schools with less funding or staff.


ET actively supports the national approach to edtech and is excited to see the commitment of the government to support edtech through new policies and budgets. It is important that education leaders are forthcoming with their success and failures as they continue to drive education forwards.


2. EdTech 50 Schools

Who gets listed in the EdTech 50 Schools Awards?

Schools listed in the EdTech 50 wave the flag in best practice and use of technology for teaching, not just from a learning perspective, but from an operational perspective too.

If your school uses automation to reduce workload on teachers, uses software to collaborate with colleagues and knowledge share, or even uses software to safeguard and protect its students, then you too could be on the shortlist.

Technology is also actively helping schools to expand the curriculum and strengthen the educational offering to its students using a ‘learn through play’ approach. If you have got ideas or best practice, then the EdTech 50 Awards wants to hear from you!

Download EdTech 50 Schools listed in 2019

The guide showcases many schools and teachers doing a great job, and what they are doing within edtech. You can the Download the EdTech Awards Guide here.

Founders of the EdTech 50 Awards

Ty Goddard is the co-founder of The Education Foundation and Chair of Edtech UK – a strategic body that accelerates the edtech sector in Britain and globally. Follow Ty discussing Education Technology in the Education Foundation Twitter account here, for insight into his work. Or follow his personal Twitter @Ty_Goddard.

Ty Goddard - Founder of EdTech 50 Awards