Edtech competition bucks school budget crisis with creativity

Two common challenges currently facing schools are the economic crisis in education, and the subsequent lack of investment available for creative subjects and equipment

In the face of budget cuts, increased focus on core subjects and the absence of resources available to upgrade failing edtech, teachers are faced with the conundrum of how to deliver creative learning opportunities. All of these elements combined have pushed creativity to the peripheries of education.

Motivated to help schools with the latest educational technology, whilst putting emphasis on the importance of embracing children’s imagination and innovation, the Promethean Grant was born. Running for the second time, this year Promethean encouraged children and teachers alike to relight their creative spark and create video entries to demonstrate why they deserved a state of the art ActivPanel.

Promethean’s Teaching and Learning Consultant, Janice Prandstatter said: “Promethean understand how important it is to allow children to embrace their creative spark. We feel that edtech fosters creativity and allows children to learn vital skills in the digital world as well as encouraging them to use their imagination. It was an absolute pleasure to be on the Promethean Grant Judging Panel again this year as I saw first-hand the passion and innovation in each entry.”

From a remake of The Greatest Showman, a sketch based on The Avengers, and a newsroom report, the participants of 2018’s Promethean Grant certainly did not disappoint. The task embraced classroom interactivity and creativity, with teachers and children involved in creating their video entries in an attempt to win an ActivPanel.

Speaking on behalf of a winning school, Maria Williams, Teaching Assistant at Cwmlai Primary School, said: “The Promethean Grant gave us an opportunity to come together and work to try and get better equipment to aid the learning of our pupils. Every member of our class got involved in creating our entry and it was amazing to see how each and every one of them grew with confidence in the process. They thoroughly enjoyed creating their video entry and enjoy using the ActivPanel even more!”

Promethean pride themselves on being able to provide these opportunities for schools, allowing students to embrace creativity all whilst enhancing digital skills which are anticipated to be vital in the future jobs market. All winning entries can be seen here.