EdTechXEurope event preview

In a rapidly evolving knowledge economy, how we learn and teach continuously redefines education and technology. As learning science develops and we discover more efficient ways to learn, the opportunity to identify improved outcomes while using EdTech will become more of a reality

The seventh edition of the EdTechXEurope thought leadership summit will look at how we can leverage opportunities and overcome challenges from globalisation, consolidation and digitalisation across the education industry. By bringing together the global learning community, EdTechX will explore how we continue to make learning more informal by slowing down the depreciation of skills, capitalising on skill diversification and keeping up with the pace of automation.

The World Economic Forum shared earlier this year that automation will displace 75 million jobs yet create 133 million new ones by 2022. Multiple cases have also illustrated that education systems alone cannot support the new skill sets required for the workplace we will see in 2030. Likewise, it is not certain what the necessary skills sets will be, nor how they will differ to skills being taught now. Current investment is no longer primarily prioritising the technology and instruments; rather focusing on knowledge retention and maximising human potential in an ever more technical world.

To remain relevant in today’s advancing world, learning needs to take place not only in the classroom but throughout every stage of life. Compartmentalisation of education and work will no longer suit the transition to the gig economy – where technology once replaced knowledge, learning has now become the new focus over technology.

Hosted as part of London EdTech Week, EdTechXEurope will showcase how the latest initiatives are trending towards investing in knowledge. We are moving into an environment where demand for learning grows exponentially. Now is the time to decide how we will learn and use technology to bring together better education ideas, innovations and solutions for all.

On 18th June, the EdTechX summit will explore how in the global knowledge economy ‘learning is the new tech’, featuring 150+ speakers from 60+ countries to debate and discuss leading ideas surrounding this spotlight theme. As the largest summit in Europe on the future and work, EdTechX will connect 900+ thought leaders from around the globe.

New for this year, EdTechX will debut the new Global Startup Super League – a lightning-fast competition featuring 28 startups each pitching for 90 seconds in front of a selection of distinguished judges and our international audience, who will help select the winners.  During the 90-minute competition, travel the globe to hear from entrepreneurs from 25 countries – each transforming the future of learning and work worldwide.

The third edition of London EdTech Week from the 17-24 June will feature over 40 hosts powering events celebrating the future of learning and work. London EdTech Week will bring together 6,000+ members of the global learning community for the largest series of connected, collaborative education events in London this year. The celebratory week will feature events hosted by UCL, Amazon Web Services, Tech Nation, Tmrw Institute, Nesta, Brighteye Ventures, Emerge Education and more.