Education in a Tablet

What happens when you cross the power of tablet computing with the credibility and intellectual weight of one of the world’s leading universities?

Something that looks rather like MWorld, a new educational app for children aged eight to 12. 

MWorld is the dazzling brainchild of a team of international academics and multimedia designers based at Australia’s Monash University. Combining over a thousand screens of engaging text with stunning graphics and video presentations, MWorld styles itself as a way of bringing digital education into the 21st century and turning learning into a thrilling adventure — both within the classroom and beyond it. 

MWorld’s creator, Justin Bokor, saw the opportunity years ago when the first iPads appeared. “Their educational potential is simply breathtaking. The visuals, the audio, the interactivity. Children are naturally curious. What better tool than an iPad to introduce them to the amazing world around us?” 

Over a year in the making, it’s perhaps MWorld’s pedagogical approach that really sets it apart. Continues Mr Bokor: “We believe in crafting stories, in captivating children rather than just pelting them with empty facts. MWorld weaves tales, explores subjects in depth. We encourage students to be creative and we use videos, narration and games to reinforce their knowledge. MWorld is all about making literacy and learning irresistible.” 

Teachers have certainly been looked after, too. Each of the 50 MWorld titles — on topics as varied as volcanoes, Ancient Greece and music composition — is amply provided with teacher guides so that teachers can seamlessly integrate the app into their lesson plans and curriculums. 

Mr Bokor is understandably delighted with how his team’s creation has turned out. “MWorld is the realisation of a personal dream: a dream about using technology to let children’s natural intellectual curiosity run free, wherever they are, whatever their circumstances. We have 50 titles out right now and 20 more in the pipeline. As long as there are stories of our amazing world to share with children, MWorld is just going to keep growing!” 

MWorld is available now for iPad. Download it now from the Apple App Store.

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