Encouraging careers in Subsea Engineering

Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP) offers training and studies to enthusiastic apprentices


Careers in technology are gaining popularity and, considering the luxurious life of programmers and IT specialists, other engineering careers are often overlooked.

There is however a high demand for specialists in marine and subsea engineering given low levels of pupil interests in these specialities. Furthermore, these engineering positions offer great range of future opportunities to employees.

Pupils with an interest in engineering may sometimes be overlooked as this is a considerably closed market. However, many organisation offer training and studies to enthusiastic apprentices. The company Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP) supply offshore, marine and subsea technologies to various industries including subsea telecom, renewables, and oil and gas sectors.

Recently FHP hired four young apprentices from Rolls Royce North East Training Centre to train in one of the most advanced hydraulic test rigs. These apprentices developed the skills required to become Engineering Technicians the following year. The well-established course combined work based activities and college work to a Higher National Certificate standard.

There are numerous prestigious organisations and campaigns to get kids involved in science and apprenticeships. The Electromagnetic Field festival, although not primarily geared towards young children, garnered great deal of attention from the science community for attracting a young audience.

Furthermore, there are also a number of opportunities provided by local governments to inspire children and parents alike. The Centre for Life in Newcastle upon Tyne, for example, enables audiences of all ages to participate and engage in safe and fun science experiments.

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