Enhancing the learning experience

When the University of York decided to undertake a range of measures to improve the student experience, lecture capture came top of the list

Founded in 1963, the University of York has achieved a consistently high ranking in the UK and is one of just six post-war universities which appear in the world top 100. The University of York now has over 30 academic departments and research centres and nearly 16,000 students.

Why Echo360?

In December 2011 the University took the decision to undertake a range of measures aimed at improving the student experience. Lecture capture was one of the services prioritised to receive additional funding.

Choosing the hosted solution enabled the university to outsource the server set up, maintenance and support to Echo360 and ULCC. This allowed staff to focus on other aspects such as recording schedules, VLE integration and having a working service in 20 rooms for the start of the 2012/13 academic year while still being able to deliver on existing commitments. 


In the trials, students reported that they were more likely to pay attention to the ‘big picture’ when attending ‘live’ lectures which gave them the opportunity to leave the lecture hall with a strong overall impression of the content, knowing that they could revisit the detail at a later stage. The recordings were seen as a valuable revision aid, to help review, clarify and study the lectures in preparation for examinations.

A small number of students highlighted the way in which the recordings matched their personal learning styles and accessibility requirements as learning resources, complementing and enhancing the class-based learning experience. 


Since the trials the use and adoption of video capture (both scheduled via integration with the timetabling software, and personal capture) has grown across the university. For the new academic year (2014/15) lecture capture will be available in 40 rooms and be used by 17 departments.


The lecture capture solution was a demonstrable example of how the new tuition fee income is being used to enhance the student learning experience. It is making lectures more accessible by turning them into reusable learning resources, while increasing the scope for greater flexibility in pedagogic delivery and improving contact time and use of room space with students.

Overseas students particularly seem to appreciate the opportunity to go over nuances they may not quite have picked up at the time. Some staff have used it to review their own lecture delivery, especially those new to a lecture course, as it allows the review of material. Staff expecting to see a drop in attendance were surprised to see no sign of this with the installation of the new lecture capture solution.



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