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Global education, international students, and the role of tech in alternative provision…

One of the most incredible things about digital technology is its ability to effortlessly cross boundaries. From geographical distance to cultural differences and special educational needs, tech is making waves and demolishing barriers to learning.

In this issue, we focus on the international aspect of education, and what tech is doing to help deliver education to everyone, regardless of location, need, or language.

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Our roundtable, on page 37, shares the viewpoints of six edtech specialists from around the world on the particular successes and challenges in their countries, and how they view the UK’s edtech sector.

International students come to the fore in our feature on page 51. We look at what expectations students from outside the UK have from their education experience here, and vice versa.

The global classroom is another modern phenomenon that has been largely possible due to technology. In our feature on page 32, we investigate what makes a truly global education, and what initiatives are on offer to connect students from different parts of the world.

Our report this month also looks at educational barriers, if those a little closer to home. Last year saw the launch of the UK government’s Alternative Provision Innovation Fund, providing backing for a select number of projects that address current needs in alternative provision. One such project is the telepresence robot initiative from No Isolation. The robots allow children who are too ill to attend school, to continue to interact from a remote location. Find out more about the project and the wider role of technology in alternative provision in The Report on page 45.

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We were also lucky enough to speak to Stemettes co-founder Anne-Marie Imafidon about her hopes for the women in STEM movement, and why it’s entirely possible that the tech world can have a London Fashion Week vibe. See what she has to say on page 55.

As always, we have all the latest news from across the UK and beyond, as well as a fascinating timeline on the international history of the internet. Check it out on page 58.

All this, and lots more inside the mag!

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Charley Rogers
Education Technology