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From teacher workload to reforming assessment, our Year in Review issue touches on some of the hottest edtech topics of 2019

Welcome to our review of 2019.

In this edition, we look back at how the edtech landscape has changed over the past year, including how assessment is changing in the face of technology, developments in the attempt to reduce teacher workload, and how educators are preparing today’s learners for the jobs of tomorrow.

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Our long reads this month include:

  • Roundtable: A year in review, p.37
    What are the stand-out edtech features of 2019, and what are the experts’ predictions for 2020?
  • Update: Assessment, p.48
    How is assessment changing in the face of technology, and what are the aims of these changes?
  • Insight: Teacher workload, p.54
    A huge topic throughout 2019, how has tech moved towards making teachers’ lives easier?

In depth: workplace skills

The Report this month looks at how educators across the sector are preparing today’s learners for the workplace of tomorrow, and how more general life skills are being taken into account. See what we uncovered on page 44.

Profile: CompTIA

L–R Graham Hunter, VP EMEA and Todd Thibodeaux, CEO

Read our exclusive interview with Graham Hunter, VP EMEA, and Todd Thibodeaux, CEO at CompTIA. We discuss why a focus on STEM hasn’t necessarily done the tech industry any favours, why vocational education is such a good idea, and how traditional higher education can actually be a barrier to a tech career. Find out what they had to say on page 58.

Coding for an entrepreneurial mindset and why careers advice is failing

In our Diary and Last Word this month, we hear from Elizabeth Tweedle, founder of edtech startup Cypher, and Chris Jeffries, CEO at DevClever, respectively. Tweedle discusses how studying coding can help nurture independence, resilience and creativity in children, while Jeffries touches on why schools need to embrace high-tech tools to help pupils explore career options. Read what they had to say on pages 7 (Diary) and 62 (Last Word).

Edtech Buyer’s Guide: video and virtual learning


In the second instalment of our buyer’s guide series, we look at video and virtual learning, exploring how technology tools from VLEs to lecture capture are increasing collaboration and flexibility in both teaching and learning. Check it out starting on page 29.

Edtech highlights of 2019

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Our illustrated timeline in this edition moves back through 2019 to pick out some of the edtech highlights. You can see what we uncovered on page 60.

As always, we’re also reporting on all the latest news for schools, colleges and universities, both in the UK and beyond. Find our news pages starting on page 9.

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As always, thank you for reading, and until next month…

Charley Rogers
Education Technology


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