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From digital entrepreneurship to technology’s role in SEND education investment, this issue explores the intricate relationship between business and tech

In this edition, we dive into the commercial side of edtech, exploring the avenues in which tech and business meet. The issue investigates the complex relationship between industry motivations and economics, examining whether various incentives, such as digital entrepreneurship, are in the best interest of learners.

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Our long reads this month include:

  • Roundtable: 2020 Vision, p.37
    What do experts predict for the future of education in 2020, and what does it mean for edtech development?
  • Update: Shape shifters, p.48
    How has technology influenced the design of contemporary learning spaces, and how does this benefit students?
  • Insight: Tips for startups, p.54
    In an increasingly competitive landscape, how can startups confidently navigate the edtech scene and ensure success?

In depth: the digital revolution

ET January

The Report this month identifies digital entrepreneurship and leadership skills as key tools that can be used to attract prospective students, but the saturated business market and rising startup culture has thrown the relevance of higher education into question. See what we uncovered on page 44.

Profile: Sir Peter Gregson, VC, Cranfield University

Sir Peter Gregson, vice-chancellor of Cranfield University

Read our exclusive interview with Sir Peter Gregson, vice-chancellor of Cranfield University. We discuss the institution’s strategic goals for the future, the benefits of commercial partnerships in the sector, and addressing the skills gap within the UK workforce. Find out what he had to say on page 58.

The increasing need for social media savviness and how cloud comms can improve the education experience

In our Diary and Last Word this month, we hear from Dawn Jotham, pastoral care specialist at EduCare, and Steve Braverman, co-founder of Coeo Solutions, respectively. Jotham provides advice on how young people can stay safe online, while Braverman explains how both students and staff can reap the benefits of cloud communications. Read what they had to say on pages 7 (Diary) and 62 (Last Word).

Edtech Buyer’s Guide

In the third instalment of our Buyer’s Guide series, we look at next-gen hardware, uncovering how SMART technologies are elevating student potential, as well as how touchscreens are bringing the connected classroom to life. Check it out starting on page 29.

Key events for 2020

This edition’s illustrated timeline shines a light on the edtech conferences and events that are gaining weight around the world. Check it out on page 60.

We’re also reporting on all the latest news for schools, colleges and universities, both in the UK and beyond. Find our news pages starting on page 9.

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Education Technology

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