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How cloud technology is transforming education, what happens to overseas data access in the case of a ‘hard Brexit’, and the ethics of private companies’ vested interest in edtech…


Heads in the cloud
How is cloud technology aiding in the digital transformations of schools and universities? Steve Wright heads up into the cloud with four experts

The Report

Education: what is it good for?
Since industry has a growing role to play in education, where are the ethical guidelines in private companies’ vested interest? Charley Rogers investigates


How will Brexit affect data access?
How would a ‘hard Brexit’ affect legal access to university data held overseas? Hazel Davis finds out

Cloud 2.0
Cloud developments are revolutionising the way educators manage schools and conduct lessons. James Higgins finds out why it’s not just blue-sky thinking


Becoming industry disruptors: Why UK universities should be developing AI
When it comes to technology, UK higher education is a late adopter, but we can’t fall behind other countries who already leverage AI in education, says Sunderland’s pro-vice chancellor, John MacIntyre

How the government’s edtech strategy could help your school
Tabi Bude, managing director of Wonder Workshop EMEA, discusses the new edtech strategy, and why it’s about more than making sure kids can code

What they said…
Opinions on Royal Society findings around the UK’s dire need for data science skills, and a University of Roehampton study showing a drop in numbers of computing qualifications for 16-year-olds in England


A brief history of distance education
From course pamphlets posted via snail mail to an international standard for massive open online courses, we track how distance education has developed through tech


Transforming education through a cloud ethos
Charley Rogers meets LGfL CEO John Jackson to talk about how the cloud is transforming education, and why edtech implementation is an iceberg

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