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From VLEs and developments in pedagogy, to Bett and keeping up with changes, we look at the upgrades making waves in edtech


The paces of change in tech and education are infamously mismatched. From the fast-as-lightning development speed of new technologies to the crawl of education policy changes, these two sectors couldn’t be more different.

However, the addition of tech to education has proven to be an unbeatable combination, and so often the question arises about how we can negotiate the two streams.

In this issue, we’re focusing on edtech upgrades, and how the education sector can keep up with the new developments in the tech world. Check our roundtable on page 35 to find out what four experts had to say on this topic.

In terms of edtech changes, it is not just the tech itself that’s evolving, but the way we use it. Pedagogy is the central consideration for most edtech developers, and of course for teachers, and as such we’ve taken the opportunity to have a look at how tech is impacting both teachers and students. You can see what we found out on page 51.

On the hard tech side, one of the most longstanding edtech elements is the VLE. It has been around for a long time as far as tech goes, but how has it changed, and what further impact can we expect to see from this veteran player? We investigate on page 31.

We also got a glimpse into up-and-comers in edtech, as well as some of the most prevalent talking points in the industry, during our attendance of Bett. The world’s biggest edtech event returned to London’s Excel, and we went along to scope it out. Read our review on page 21. We were lucky enough to meet some amazing edtech figures, including the CEO of Century Tech, Priya Lakhani. You can read our profile of Priya on page 55.

This issue also sees the introduction of a brand-new feature format, a deep-dive into a news story of particular interest. For our first report, we’ve taken a closer look at the recent rise to prominence of academic cheating, and the role tech plays in both sides of the issue. You can find out what we uncovered on page 51.

We are of course still bringing you all the latest news from across the UK and internationally, as well as a selection of opinion pieces from key players in edtech.

All this, and lots more inside the mag!

Charley Rogers
Education Technology

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