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Our security issue focuses on the importance of safeguarding data, how the education sector should be protecting minors online, and the impact of fake news and where digital literacy fits in


In this era of social media, unparallelled data production, and political unease, the issue of where we get our information, and what is done with our own, is of high priority.

Headlines over the past two years have brought all manner of questionable activities to public light. From Cambridge Analytica to the Mueller report, and devastating accounts of teenage suicides linked to social media, we are definitely seeing the dark side of the information age.

As is often the case with societal shakeups, many are looking to education to address the roots of the issue. That is why, in this edition of ET, we’ve focused on all things security.

Page 47 is home to The Report, where we take a deeper look at the DCMS’ advisory suggestion that digital literacy become the fourth pillar of education, following its final fake news and disinformation report.

We also take a look at how the first full year of GDPR has impacted the education sector, and what changes have been made. Check it out on page 53.

Data security is of course not only about complying with GDPR. A moral requirement to protect minors from online harm is something that also falls into the realms of education, and in our feature on page 34, we ask to what extent does this requirement reach, and what is currently being done to tackle grooming, cyberbullying, and radicalisation.

Our profile this month puts The Ethical Hacker, Ralph Echemendia, in the spotlight as we ask him about particular risks to the education sector, and what budding cybersecurity experts can do to get on the career ladder. See what Ralph has to say on page 59.

And a stalwart of cybersecurity, our timeline takes a look at the history of antivirus, and how it came to be such an essential digital tool. See our illustrated layout on page 56.

Monthly favourites like news from the schools, HE, and international sectors are also inside, plus a selection of opinion pieces on topics from pupil safeguarding to cloud adoption.

All this, and lots more, inside the mag.

I hope you enjoy this issue, and if you’d like to send me your thoughts, or a story you think we should cover, you can reach me at

With best wishes,
Charley Rogers,
Education Technology

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