ET November is here!

From AI and VR to the smart campus, we investigate edtech’s various innovations, and how they are making an impact on today’s education


When it comes to advances in edtech, the word ‘innovation’ comes up frequently. It is because of these incredible innovations, both in the tech itself, and in pedagogical practices, that we have launched this ‘innovations issue’ of ET. In this issue, we investigate some of the innovations that are currently making waves in the edtech world, as well as how innovations of the past are continuing to develop and influence the education sector.

For example, our feature on page 33 revisits the idea of the smart campus, and how its development has been largely influenced by changing student needs. We also look into Jisc’s idea of the intelligent and sticky campuses, and how educators in the UK are working with various elements of edtech to work towards these concepts.

Page 47 is home to our update on AI, and how its use is exciting, but also raises some concerns regarding ethics and security. We ask experts in the field what the future looks like for the use of Ai in education, and whether these concerns can be overcome to unleash its full potential.

We also touch on tech that has an important place in education, without being the headline-grabber that AI is right now. The humble projector is put under the microscope in our feature on page 52, as we find insights into how this mainstay of classrooms and lecture theatres country-wide is holding its own in a tech-saturated sector.

We’re not just working theoretically, either. On page 28, we report from Shireland Collegiate Academy in Birmingham and their impressive immersive room. We speak to students and school leaders about how the support of technology allows for their creative and flexible curriculum, and why investing in tech that works for your particular school is so important.

Our illustrated timeline this month also focuses on a high-profile innovation: VR. We take a journey through its development, and look at how it has worked its way into classrooms across the world.

Of course we still have news from across the UK’s schools and HEIs, as well as international updates. These can all be found on pages 8,15, and 22 respectively. We also get the chance to speak to pi-top CEO Jesse Lozano about how his company has become a household name in just four short years, and what place technology has in democratising education. Check out what he has to say on page 61.

All this, and lots more inside the mag!


We hope you enjoy reading this issue, and if you have any innovations of your own that you’d like us to know about, or thoughts on anything mentioned in the magazine, please do drop me a line at

Charley Rogers
Education Technology