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An update on learning analytics and how to use them, debunking machine learning, and whether social media belongs in the classroom

Welcome to the innovations issue of Education Technology.

In this edition, we hear how educators can save money and the planet by repurposing tech, how social mobility in STEM can help the economy, and industry’s most desired tech skills.

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Our long reads this month include:

  • Roundtable: Repurposing edtech, page 37
    How can educators save money and the planet by repurposing existing tech? We hear from five experts.
  • Update: Learning analytics, page 48
    How are data analytics improving education, and how can you harness them most effectively?
  • Insight: Machine learning, page 52
    What exactly is machine learning, and where can it truly have an impact on education?

In depth: social media in education


The Report this month investigates the use of social media as a learning and teaching tool, and whether it has a place in formal education. See what we found out on page 44.

Blackbullion – getting a handle on student finances

Vivi Friedgut, Blackbullion CEO

Read our exclusive interview with founder and CEO of student finance app Blackbullion, Vivi Friedgut, about practical approaches to financial education, the rising costs of HE, and whether edtech can catch up to fintech. Hear what Vivi had to say on these topics and more on page 56.

Social mobility in STEM and peer mentoring for the digital generation


In our Diary and Last Word op-eds this month, we get an insight into why social diversity in STEM needs to be addressed now, from in2scienceUK’s Rebecca McKelvey, and Tyfy’s Emily Goodwin asks whether existing university mentoring schemes are still up to muster. You can see these on pages 7 and 62 respectively.

Edtech buyer’s guide


This month sees our inaugural buyer’s guide, a whole section dedicated to what’s on the market right now. In our first edition, we look at interactive screens and round up some of the sector’s leading providers to talk about what they offer. Check it out at the centre of the mag on page 29.

The development of the smart campus


Our illustrated timeline looks at how the concept of the smart campus has influenced HE around the world. See what we found on page 60.

As always, we’re also reporting on all the latest news for schools, colleges and universities, both in the UK and beyond. News starts on page 9.

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