Expert line-up for ‘Future of Learning’ Event

The inaugural event will bring together cutting-edge thought leadership and inclusive debate to explore what learning might look like in 2030

The Futurize event will explore and share best practices on how to develop and put in place transformative, sustainable and innovative models for learning in the UK through interactive talks, workshops and spark sessions; learn first-hand from industry experts and exchange ideas. Personalised learning and how Virtual Reality (VR) can enhance student learning will also be on the agenda.

A number of experts in the education and learning industry have been confirmed for the event. They will be sharing their perspective of the future of learning, their emerging research, and their own experience.

  • Confirmed expert speakers at the event:
  • Andrew Marcinko, Research Fellow at Aston University
  • Lucia Asanache, Digital Marketing & Culture in Education, UCL Institute of Education
  • Helen Fuller, Senior Development Manager at FutureLearn
  • Luke Bracegirdle, Head of Digital & Business Analytics at Keele University
  • Dr Annouchka Bayley, Education Consultant & Author
  • Dhruv Washishth, Co-Founder & CEO at Paradigm Shift
  • Adam Tate, Executive Director, Global Education Training and Qualifications Ltd.
  • Olivia D Hinds, Transformational Tutor and Speaker 
  • Bart Dalton, Author of “True Gravity”

Joanne Axinte, Head of Futurize Events and Curator of the Future of Learning Theme, said, “We are really excited to announce this year’s first ever Futurize event based around the Future of Learning, such a profound area affecting our day to day lives. We are so honoured to be initiating this in Birmingham, Europe’s youngest city. 

She added, “We’ve seen that learning has such a huge impact in our adult lives – beliefs, behaviours and values are learned through imitation during our early years. Although there are some schools and universities using different approaches, the majority are still using the traditional approach. The Futurize event will explore why in the 21st century are we still using a system that was created for the 17th century and what learning look like in the future.” 

The event is being hosted by a Birmingham based not-for-profit social enterprise, the Future Leaders Club. Set up in 2013, the Future Leaders Club works with local communities and businesses to develop and enhance leadership capability in the region. 

Jazz Singh, Chief Executive of the Future Leaders Club, said; “As humans we are born with an innate desire to learn and drive innovation. However, learning, certainly in education, is rarely shaped by the learner. We are looking forward to bringing learners, academic staff and change-makers together to shape the ideas, expand the boundaries, and pursue the direction behind learning in the future. This is particularly relevant in our increasingly digital society where new technology and innovation is having such an impact on both learning and education.

For those future-curious minds questioning the current state of learning in the 21st Century, Futurize is the ideal opportunity to play a part in the discussion. The event takes place on Saturday 11 November 2017, 9.30am to 5.30pm at BPP University, Birmingham, B4 6BN. Tickets are limited. Places can be booked online, and a discount applies if you buy two tickets:


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