Expert: Making school eSafety practical and effective

Al Kingsley, Group Managing Director of NetSupport Limited, talks keeping pupils protected online

There are many different eSafety solutions available on the market today, but how do you choose the one that will work best for you? 

With many pressures on staff time, whether you are a teacher, safeguarding lead or an IT technician, finding a solution that is efficient, but doesn’t create significant extra work is paramount. NetSupport DNA has been designed specifically with schools in mind, so that it instantly delivers the data and notifications you need, but doesn’t negatively impact already-busy work schedules.

What to look for

Good solutions will focus on providing alert data in the most accessible format possible to allow staff to see at a glance who the student is, what they’re doing, and where the device is located.

Efficient network and IT asset monitoring can track the PCs students use and the applications they are using, while smart keyword and phrase monitoring can alert teachers to any high-priority events as they occur. Further safeguarding measures such as endpoint security (to ensure students can’t share inappropriate content at school via USB sticks) and a way for students to share their own concerns with trusted teachers, should also be a consideration.

Time is of the essence

The quicker staff can see what is happening via clear, visual on-screen information, the sooner they can take the appropriate action to deal with activities of concern. NetSupport DNA allows staff to see alerts and trends in seconds, meaning that safeguarding is as timely, practical and effective as can be.

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