Experts call for framework on tech

Samsung Electronics, European Electronique and The Education Foundation launch a new report that examines the future of tech in education

The expert group was put together in response to a request from the UK Department for Education to identify emerging solutions to the barriers facing schools and other learning organisations in using technology to improve learning outcomes.

The report, titled: ‘Technology in Education: A System View’, is written by James Penny, Solutions Director at European Electronique and Ian Fordham and Ty Goddard, Co-founders of The Education Foundation – with the contribution of leading educators, industry leaders and academics.

The report has found that:

  • Technology must be more strategically linked to achievement and learning in all schools.
  • Collaboration should drive knowledge and advice sharing on a central website accessible for all teachers.
  • Universal high quality access to broadband in all schools would deliver significant benefits.
  • Schools should adopt cloud-based technology with choice of devices based on flexibility and total cost of ownership to make considerable savings
  • The use of technology to improve achievement must be recognised more prominently and systematically in inspection.
  • The need to create an accountability frameworks with clear guidance best practice.

Andy Griffiths, President of Samsung UK and Ireland commented: “We believe that technology has a significant role to play in opening doors for the leaders of tomorrow, equipping them with the skills necessary to meet the needs of the ever evolving economy.  

“We embrace our responsibility to help make this a reality and so Samsung was delighted to support this report, which includes the advice and experience of many leaders in this field. I hope that this report helps facilitate discussion and work as a guide for teachers as they work to integrate technology into the classroom.”

Ian Fordham and Ty Goddard, Co-founders of the Education Foundation said: “Too often technology reports focus on “scenarios for the future” that cannot be predicted and therefore leave school and education leaders, governors and budget holders difficult decisions such as – how to deal with the present day reality, what do we spend our money on and how do we get appropriate technology into our classrooms that teachers can use to support their learning.

“This report is a lot more pragmatic and starts from the reality of what’s needed now and in the next few years – and identifies the key barriers that need to be removed to finally realise the potential of technology, to change the lives of young people in schools and other learning organisations across the UK.” 

To view the full report go to:

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