eyeTeach a good Bett

eyeTeach, the new audio and visual teaching aid, received an enthusiastic reception at its public debut during this year’s Bett show


eyeTeach deploys sophisticated education technology in the shape of Megapixel surveillance cameras and high-definition audio recording, allowing teachers to see themselves in the classroom environment and review both their own performance and that of their students.

eyeTeach can additionally be used, for instance, in class presentations, one-to-one student reviews, as a website resource, and for in-house training purposes. Video can screened, for example to speed up class explanations or show a student where they can improve – such as replaying an oral exam. The system recently won Havering Business Awards’ Innovation category and has been successfully installed in a pilot installation at Cumberland School in Newham, east London.

“We’ve been bowled over by the positive comments from potential eyeTeach users to whom demonstrated the system to during Bett,” says eyeTeach MD Trevor Wallace. 

“Many were excited both by its operational benefits and the cost advantages from the absence of any annual licence for the technology – once we’ve supplied/installed the system a school, college or university can reap the rewards it offers from day one.”

Winners drawn

Meanwhile, the winners of a free prize draw on the eyeTeach stand during the Bett show have been announced, with Roger Greenhalgh, Head of Information Services at Harper Adams University winning a brand new Samsung 32-inch LED flatscreen TV. Runner-up Ian Angus. a Governor of King’s College Choir School, won a bottle of Moet champagne.

Developed by specialist engineers at eyeTeach, the system includes a simple push-button device to ‘mark’ significant points during any lesson, which the teacher can later use for quick and easy review. “Remembering exact moments like this is very difficult, if not impossible, in what is often a fast-paced environment,” adds Trevor Wallace. “The technology means we can provide this attractive solution to that problem, allowing eyeTeach to become a meaningful teaching aid. The software includes a notes facility for teachers to store their remarks and ensure these don’t get lost later.” 

Built-in safeguards

Important safeguards built into eyeTeach ensure that teachers retain full control over the recordings. Use of personalised PIN numbers links each teacher with specific recordings, meaning that a teacher’s PIN is valid in any room the system is installed, as well as any classroom they are assigned to. Only the teacher assigned to a set of footage can view it via remote software, from anywhere on the network. This flexibility allows them to decide what to record and when, whilst also being able to delete their recordings using the same software.

eyeTeach uses two high definition (HD) megapixel cameras, plus advanced conferencing microphones to provide clear audio from around the room. One camera captures fine visual detail across the whole classroom, with this overview complemented by the second camera’s focus on the teaching area itself. These HD cameras allow the teacher to zoom in on any area when reviewing a lesson, without the images degrading. A server-based archive recordings facility is provided and recordings can be ‘exported’ onto a CD or memory stick, with locked-down controls to ensure only approved users can remove any footage in this way. Exported recordings can are easily edited in PowerPoint and by using video editing software.