First nurseries in Scotland receive Digital School status

Education Scotland has this week recognised a number of nursery schools from across Scotland for their promotion of digital skills in the classroom

Nursery schools in Scotland are the first to join primary and secondary schools in receiving Education Scotland’s Digital Schools Award.

The largest ever Digital Schools Awards was held at St Mungo’s High School in Falkirk on 17 September, and saw nursery schools being honoured for their commitment to promoting digital skills for the first time.

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The awarded nurseries provide access to the latest hi-tech equipment, including green screens and stop-motion animation technology. Classes also use Smart boards and tablets to encourage independent learning and safe online usage.

More than half of Scottish schools are already signed up for the programme, and the extension to nursery schools follows the successful reception across primaries and secondaries.

So far, six nursery schools have achieved Digital School status:

  • Castlemilk Family Learning Centre
  • Menzieshill Nursery School
  • Tulliallan Nursery
  • Carmyle Primary School and Nursery Class
  • Craigowl Primary and Nursery
  • Hayocks Primary and Early Years

More information on the programme is available at