Flip out with VideoScribe

Sponsored: A look at the adoption of the flipped learning technique using VideoScribe in classrooms

With Jonny Finch, VideoScribe Product Manager at Sparkol

Current situation
A good teacher knows that they need to adapt their lessons to their students and the current generation are even more tech-dependent than the last. 
We’ve long moved on from blackboards and copying from textbooks – teachers are providing much more dynamic and exciting lessons and homework tasks. 

Flipped learning
Technology is prevalent in the classroom and is being used across all subjects to help engage students and develop skills for the world of work. Teachers are using VideoScribe, our explainer video software, to make their lessons come to life with hand-drawn images, text and voiceovers. They’re trying out the flipped learning technique, setting their students the task of creating an explainer video ahead of the lesson to discuss in class and providing them with extra materials to digest big topics at home. 

Explainer videos
Explainer videos are also a great tool for teacher training, for presentations and promoting 
the school. Schools and institutions of all sizes use VideoScribe’s license packages. The University of Huddersfield has a VideoScribe site license of over 100 users and is being used by lecturers and students for lesson materials and assignments.